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Instilling Excellence...
Transforming Generations


Mansion 2012Mansion Day School is nestled among tall, graceful shade trees on three and one half acres of land in Woodland Park, an historic neighborhood within an Empowerment Zone.  The School is located on the near-east side of Columbus, Ohio, just minutes from downtown.

Years ago, the School’s inception focused on rigorous academics in a multi-cultural environment.  Today, the School continues the mission of educating children with a challenging curriculum, regardless of race or religious preference.  However it now has the awesome opportunity to educate a student body that is 100% African-American, due to industry closings and shifting demographics over recent years.  The uniqueness of this situation has unlimited potential as we transform a generation that defies stereotypical statistics.  Mansion Day School is committed to educate students to become confident, disciplined learners, with a strong moral code.  We take pride in developing our students to become their personal best through high expectations, hard work and by embracing excellence in every aspect of their lives.  It is our goal to ignite an insatiable love of learning that will be a “constant” throughout their lives.

The synergy, dedication, and commitment of our  faculty, supportive administration, visionary Board, and involved parent community, form the collective foundation of an educational experience that should propel each of our students into greatness.  We teach them the art of commitment to excellence as they establish the groundwork for life.  Goethe, the German writer said, “At the moment of commitment, the entire universe conspires for your success.”  We are their “universe”.  For we understand that we have been given an uncommon opportunity and we believe our graduates will embrace success with such fervor that they will leave us breathless!