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Instilling Excellence...
Transforming Generations

Parent Testimonials

If you want to give your child the best foundation for success in middle school, high school, college, and thereon, this is the ONLY elementary school you should consider. In addition to its rigorous and unparalleled curriculum, the Mansion family builds the character, confidence, and integrity of its students by way of unwavering high expectations and solid example. Because of his Mansion Day School experience, my son can comfortably address a room full of 100+ adults with great confidence, and still connect with his peers in an intimate conversation. He is socially and academically highly prepared to succeed in a global community, yet possesses the resilience to conquer the challenges that await him. All of these factors can be attributed to his attendance and success at Mansion Day School. I would recommend this school to anyone who cares about his/her child’s future and ability to compete in “the real world”. Children feel safe in this familial environment, allowing them to develop, succeed, and even fail without judgment. Love and an undeniable desire to see your child fulfill his/her potential fill the halls of this exceptional school.

-MDS Parent

“Mansion has re-awakened our children’s confidence so that they can live up to their academic, social and leadership potential. Because of Mansion and their staff, the excluding barriers based on superficial limits and definitions that our children experienced at their previous school have been erased. And they now are in a place where their future is wide open for them.”

-Parents of 2 MDS students

“We started our daughter at MDS because we were looking for an environment that would provide more diversity and nurture her self-esteem. We found all that and more at Mansion. She is reading and writing, loves learning and has blossomed!”

-Parents of MDS student

“After comparing our options, MDS offered us the best solution for our child! They offered us an education that is both challenging and rewarding, with the added plus of genuine love shown to our child and all the children from the administration down to each teacher in the school.”

-Parents of 1st Grader

“Both of our children have attended MDS. Our son easily transitioned to The Columbus Academy as a 6th grader and is flourishing. The Head of School has shown unprecedented commitment to the growth and development of the students.”

-Parents of 2 MDS Students