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Instilling Excellence...
Transforming Generations

Building a Foundation of Academic Excellence

Elementary 4Mansion Day School’s faculty and administrators take seriously the obligation to educate our students by establishing excellence as the hallmark of our program. We have high expectations for our students and high expectations for ourselves.

The foundation of our school is our exceptional, committed, and highly qualified teachers who:

  • Deeply care about our students.
  • Are passionate about empowering students to reach their full potential.
  • Work hard to assure that all students put forth their best effort, take pride in the end product, and understand that excellence is expected in every endeavor.

Our talented and bright students:

  • Learn to embrace the expectation of excellence very early on.
  • Are also taught that “good” is the enemy of “best”, so they can never settle for just doing a good job.
  • Must consistently strive for excellence, so that it becomes a way of life, and excellence is clearly demonstrated in all aspects of what they do in and out of school.

While we acknowledge the need to build a foundation of academic excellence, our commitment to developing personal excellence in our students is also important.  We want our students to lead productive lives filled with compassion and tolerance to care for others and accept differences.  Our curriculum includes components that teach our students to seek “balance”, so they can grow up and lead fulfilling lives.

Our foundation of excellence is apparent in the widespread success of our alumni, where the resounding theme of how they were empowered to confidently lead and compete is prevalent.  They credit developing a strong work ethic during their years here as the key to their quest for excellence. This quest earned them academic honors and scholarships to some of the top local private middle and high schools, as well as top colleges throughout the United States.  Alumni bonds remain strong and they express a deep appreciation for their educational experience at Mansion Day School, the lifelong friendships they established, and a fondness for the teachers who taught and inspired them.