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Instilling Excellence...
Transforming Generations

Financial Contribution

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While tuition represents a good portion of Mansion Day School’s annual budget, it does not cover the entire cost of an education.  Tuition only covers about two-thirds of the expense and additional funding must come from fundraising, donations and other sources. However, given the rising costs of providing a relevant, competitive education, which includes teacher salaries and benefits, building maintenance and more, the gap continues to grow.  We need your support to bridge this gap, helping us to maintain the quality of our programs while keeping the Mansion Day School experience strong for current and future generations.


Educate Friend
  •  Provide instruction – $150 per year/$12.50 per month
Excel Friend
  • Support excellence – $500 per year/$42.00 per month
Empower Friend
  • Make students powerful – $1,200 per year/$100 per month
Family Friend
  • Partially sponsor a student – $5,350 per year/$446 per month
Transform Friend
  • Ameliorate our community – by providing a full year scholarship – $10,700 per year/$892 per month

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Credit Card

Credit card transactions can be facilitated for any amount.

  • Provide, by phone or mail, the account number, the expiration date and indicate the amount of the transaction. MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express are all accepted.
  •  Please note that Mansion Day School incurs a processing fee for all credit card transactions.
Automatic Gifting/Planned Giving

Monthly credit card charges can be established to facilitate your regular investments. You can contact the Admissions Office to set this up directly by calling 614-258-4449 or email


Make a credit card gift through a secure online feature. You do not need a PayPal account, but the site is supported and secured by PayPal, be assured that your credit card information is secure.  Click here to give to Mansion Day School online.


Notes on the tax-deductibility of your gift:
Mansion Day School is a 501 (c)(3) organization. Nearly all gifts made to Mansion are considered tax-deductible. We will issue a written receipt for all contributions. According to the IRS, it is the donor’s responsibility to substantiate the gift value and the gift date. The IRS defines the gift date as the date control of the asset is relinquished by the donor. For checks delivered by mail, the gift date is the postmark date on the envelope. For credit card gifts, the gift date is the date the contribution is charged to your account. For securities transferred electronically the gift date is the date of transfer. Further information can be obtained through IRS Publication 526.