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Uniform Policy

Uniform SaleMansion Day School students wear uniforms to cultivate an atmosphere of acceptance and to intensify our student’s sense of belonging.

Spirit Wear:  Official school uniforms are required during the academic day unless otherwise indicated by scheduled calendar events and/or faculty and staff permission.  These days are termed “Spirit Wear” days.  See the Mansion Volunteer Program (MVP) to order spirit wear t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Uniform Sales:  Throughout the year, the School hosts Uniform Sales, where gently used, donated uniforms can be purchased at a fraction of the original cost, with all proceeds benefiting the school. We gladly accept donations of gently used uniform logo shirts, navy or khaki pants, as well as sweatshirts, Spirit Wear, and outerwear.

Mansion Day School logo uniforms are exclusively available at The School Closet. The School Closet (located just 10 minutes off campus in Bexley, OH) is a full service uniform company for over 25 years.  The School Closet offers quality, service, and value.   Delivery service to Mansion Day School is available upon request.